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Kitchen Sinks

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Sinks in kitchens must always be practical and easy to use. They should be properly designed to execute their purpose at the optimum level. Sinks also add to the overall kitchen design. So, choosing the right sink that matches functionality with aesthetics is important for our modern-day kitchens.

At Danish Building Supplies, find a kitchen sink and bathroom supplies melbourne suited to your requirements. We have single and double bowl sinks available without a drainer. For double bowl sinks, we have sinks with both bowls of the same size and depth, both bowls of different sizes and depths. The latter one has a deep sink and a shallow one.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

A single bowl sink is best for a small kitchen space. We have high-quality rectangle and square single bowl sinks available in different sizes (small, medium and large) available in under-mount, overmount and top mount variety.

Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

A double bowl sink is appropriate for a large kitchen that has enough space on the kitchen counter. We stock supreme quality and durable double bowl sinks in both square and rectangle shapes. If you are choosing a sink from this category, consider the ways you are going to use the sinks. Depending on them, make the purchase.

Confused about finding the best size for your kitchen sink and counter top basin? The size of the kitchen counter decides the size of your kitchen sink. Once you have chosen the size, you can opt for a single or double bowl depending on your budget.

Deciding on an under-mount or overmount sink? Let us explain the difference.

Undermount sink: Edges are hidden below the counter, has to be fixed by a special adhesive, time-consuming installation process.

Overmount sink: Edges sit above the counter, edges are filled and sealed with caulk, has an easy installation process.

Consider your kitchen aesthetics and sink space to choose the correct sink. You can also tell us your requirement and we will pick the best options for you.


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