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Versatile Toilet Suites for You

A comfortable and efficient toilet system is an important part of every bathroom. When you are searching for toilet suites in Melbourne and bathroom supplies melbourne, you get the perfect piece only at Danish Building Supplies. Our collection has the right combination of beautiful looks and functionality that can fit every bathroom aesthetics.

The functional range includes:

  • Smart
  • Inwall
  • Link
  • Back to wall
  • Close-coupled

Give a makeover to your bathroom with our sleek designs that have hidden cisterns and use water efficiently. Have a small bathroom? Nothing to worry about. Let us help you to choose a piece that is space-saving and a good fit for everyday use.

Exclusive Two-Piece Toilets in Melbourne

Find an exclusive range of two-piece toilets and shower sets at Danish Building Supplies. The list has toilets of every make and model that you could need.

  • WELS water efficiency rating
  • Daul flush
  • Back or bottom inlet
  • Different shapes, sizes, colours and finishes

Got crack marks on your toilet? Change it immediately to keep up with the best form of hygiene. Find the one that you need from a variety of toilets and vanity units melbourne that we have in our stock. If you don’t find one, let us know. We will be happy to help you.

Some important technical information

Before you decide to purchase a toilet, knowing certain technical information is important. This will help you to pick a toilet with the needed functionality.

  • The ‘trap’ refers to the bend in the waste exit pipe. If you are wondering whether you need a P trap or S trap, know that both can be used either way and will be connected to the floor.
  • A cistern can have a bottom entry inlet or a rear/back entry inlet. Check on this keeping in mind the water inlet pipe in the toilet area.

Call Danish Building Supplies if you have any queries. Our expert team will resolve them with proper solutions.


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